Bodegas Coruña del Conde is the sentimental project my grandfather Alberto López Calvo initiated in 1990, after having emigrated and worked for almost 40 years in wine and barrel making in the Bordeaux region.

He was passionate about wine but even more about his land and for this reason he worked his vineyards and their surroundings with great love, favouring biodiversity and life to maintain a coherent and healthy balance. He only ever living wines made from grapes and nothing else.

When Alberto died aged 84 at the end of 2012, I chose a radical life-change to take over the tiny family winery for which my grandparents had made so many sacrifices and invested so much passion and dreams. This project would never have existed without the unconditional support and help of my wife Angélica Amo López, also from Coruña del Conde. My cousin Luis López Marina, who was already helping us, officially joined the estate in 2019.

We still take care of Bodegas Coruña del Conde with as much enthusiasm and love as we try to infuse in our wines.

Each bottle contains a small part of our souls and hearts, the beauty of the places around us and the history of our families.

We naturally work from the vine to the bottle, accompanying the grape’s natural process towards its transformation into wine, thus allowing our terroir to express itself fully.


Alberto López Calvo returned to his native village filled with enthusiasm, energy and the desire to fulfil his dream: to produce his own wines from his own land. He planted his first vines in 1970, he built the winery and made his first Alberto López Calvo in 1990. He loved to share his passion for wine and his vines with those he met, and did so his whole life.


He was first and foremost passionate about his village and his land, and gave priority creating and maintaining life in his vineyards by planting trees between and around the plots to stimulate biodiversity so that the vines could develop in all their splendour. Hid did this with the clear objective of aim of making natural wines without any additives in which our terroir express themselves fully.


My grandfather died in 2012 and in March 2013 I decided to return to the village to try to continue the adventure initiated by my grandparents. I arrived in Coruña del Conde in October 2013. Shortly afterwards I bought the property from my family and in January 2014 I began working in the vineyard and renovating the cellar with the help of my wife Angelica, my cousin Luis and other family members who helped out whenever they could. That year I made my first wines and ever since we apply the same philosophy as my grandfather: working naturally from the vineyard to the bottle.