Both in the cellar and in the vineyard, we remain faithful to our philosophy: work naturally to make wines only with healthy grapes, without adding or removing anything, to preserve our authenticity. We produce an average of 25,000 bottles per year.

We make our wines in a variety of containers:

– Fibreglass vats, from 3,000 to 5,400 litres,

– Stainless steel tanks, from 300 to 2700 litres,

– Terracotta jars, from 490L to 550L,

– Old French oak barrels from 8 to 20 years old and 225L and 500L,

– 150L and 500L Spanish chestnut barrels

We feel it is important to continue making wines with great potential for ageing down, as they are the very origin of our small cellar, but we also use long and short macerations carbonic and semi-carbonic macerations, direct presses… We are passionate about what we do and every year it is a joy to taste and discover our new wines!

Our harvest is manual in 20kg crates. All our work is manual, artisanal and respects our environment so that our vineyards are in harmony with the surrounding nature, and so that we can produce natural wines made only with healthy grapes.


At Bodegas Coruña del Conde all our wines spend time in our bottle dormitories, where they are stacked by hand one at a time. They rest there from 6 months to more than 10 years depending on the wines.

We built these dormitories with our own hands. Some of them are in the winery, the rest are in the castle’s underground gallery where our ancestors already made their wines.

Come and visit them !


Here you will find unique and exclusive wines, limited editions sold exclusively on our site, but also collector’s vintages, special formats, end of lines, boxes and other surprises over time.

We thank you for your trust and support in continuing writing our history and to be able to share it with you through our wines.